Gym Equipment Leasing the Fast & Hassle Free Way!

Gym equipment leasing through CFI Fitness Finance is the easiest and most convenient way to obtain financing for your new or used fitness equipment.

In operation since 2014, we are the leaders in commercial gym equipment leasing and pride ourselves on offering the best, most efficient and prompt service through our hassle-free process, online application and 24/7 customer service helpline. We also offer speedy turnaround times, with most applications being approved within 24 hours.

With equipment leasing, rental and business loan solutions available, we have a funding option to best suit your requirements, with flexible repayment options and terms ranging between 12 months and 5 years.

If you’re expanding or refurbishing your fitness business, starting a new business from scratch or even if you’re purchasing a fitness business already operating, Fitness Finance Australia can help.

Commercial gym equipment leasing has become popular among entrepreneurs who recognise the value of retaining their capital and leasing equipment instead. This frees up your cash to spend on other aspects of running and promoting the business and at the end of the lease term, you own the equipment outright.

We also offer rental options and business loans to finance your commercial gym equipment.

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Here’s How Easy Gym Equipment Leasing Through CFI Fitness Finance is,

  • You find the fitness equipment you require, whether new or used from any supplier Australia-wide.
  • Fill in the simple online application form with CFI Fitness Finance.
  • Pick one of the tailored finance solutions that best suits your needs.
  • We’ll send you the contract to sign before we make payment to your supplier of choice. The equipment is then delivered to you.

What We Finance

Examples of commercial fitness equipment we’ve financed in the past include Pilates machines, weights, treadmills, benches, bars, dumbbells, free weights, rowing machines, cardio equipment, bikes and many more.

We provide fast commercial gym equipment leasing, rental and business loan solutions for new or used equipment, whether you want to start a new gym, refurbish an old one or purchase an entire fitness business already running. We also finance entire store fit-outs and refurbishment of your franchise location.

Fitness Finance Australia can provide funding for serialised and non-serialised assets as well as your custom built gym equipment.

Main Reasons to Lease Gym Equipment Rather Than Buy?

  1. You Retain Your Capital

    More and more business owners are opting to lease gym equipment rather than buying it outright from the start using their own capital, mainly because this frees up a substantial amount of money which can be used to promote and run the business better.
    Using up all your money at the start of the business would mean less cash is available for marketing, promotion, hiring of staff, upgrading of machinery down the line and even future expansion.

  2. Commercial Gym Equipment Leasing Minimises your Asset Risk

    Also if you purchase the equipment outright, as it deteriorates from wear you will need to find the cash for repairs and maintenance.

  3. No Need to Raise the Lump Sum of Money Needed to Purchase Equipment

    You can achieve your dream of starting or buying your fitness business sooner than you thought by financing the equipment instead of raising the lump sum needed to buy the equipment outright at the start. You can also expand your fitness franchise faster because you’ll have the capital available to do so.

  4. Leased Gym Equipment Pays for Itself Over Time

    Leasing gym equipment for your business means the machinery will pay for itself over time. This will also free up capital for maintenance and repairs from inevitable wear and tear on the equipment.

Gym Equipment Leasing - Apply Now

Additional Benefits of Leasing Gym Equipment

  • Leasing your commercial gym equipment through CFI Fitness Finance is faster and more convenient than seeking funding through banks and similar lending institutions. With banks you’ll have to fill in mountains of paperwork and jump over hurdles before being approved for finance. Leasing gym equipment through CFI Fitness Finance is as simple as applying online. We’ll assess your application quickly and aim to have you approved within 24 hours.
  • We have a team of experienced and friendly customer service representatives available to assist you any day of the week. We don’t stick to business hours and are open 24 hours a day.
  • Unlike banks, we won’t dictate the terms or where you can source your fitness equipment. You can choose the supplier of your choice, from anywhere in Australia whether you’re obtaining new or second-hand gym equipment.
  • We have various financing options available including rental, leasing and business loans as well as terms to suit your requirements. Our terms range from 12 months to 5 years with low weekly repayments available.
  • Due to repayments being weekly, they can be 100% tax deductible as they can be considered an operating expense such as rent.
  • We also offer end of term options to suit you with the benefit of owning the equipment at the end of the term or refinancing if you choose.
  • There’s no need to put down personal security such as your home when financing with us because in most cases the equipment serves as security.

Apply today and get fast approval for gym equipment leasing. Speak to a Customer Service Representative to find out more.