Trends To Hit The Fitness Industry In 2021

Published by James Scurr on

Trends to hit the fitness industry in 2021

Hygiene above all else

This one may seem obvious, but in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic hygiene is front of mind for everyone. This is especially true for public spaces where people are coming into close proximity and making contact with the same equipment – meaning this is highly important for gyms and fitness clubs.

Showcasing to your members that you are implementing the highest levels of hygiene through rigorous cleaning and in-gym rules for members is important in creating an environment that feels safe and inviting for those training. This may mean stepping up the frequency and depth of your cleaning and communicating this to members through verbal and visual cues. It is equally important to make the effort as it is to make sure that members know about it, to give a sense of assurance that their workout venue is up to par.

Further, gym managers and personal trainers on the floor should remain extra vigilant about making sure members use towels, wipe down the equipment after use, and maintain social distancing where required. This ensures the safety of members and staff whilst displaying to prospects and existing members that hygiene is a top priority.


Virtual Training Offerings

There is no doubt that we all spent a lot of time at home throughout 2020, and many businesses (especially gyms) had to adapt to be able to continue providing their services. For many fitness businesses this mean moving to a virtual platform, in order to reach their members from the safety of their homes.

This came in many different formats including websites, zoom training sessions, full-service apps, and many other adaptations. However, the general vision was clear, and that was to provide training resources and advice to clients wherever they may be, removing the requirement to be physically present at a gym or studio.

Despite fitness-based businesses opening their doors once again, for many people the appeal of being able to access workout plans and training advice anytime remains. Creating and maintaining a virtual training presence will be a popular mission among gyms and studios in 2021 as business owners look to keep up with the changing desires of consumers.


Outdoor Adventure

With many fitness based businesses closed or operating under restricted trading, many of those looking to move their body explored the outdoors as their workout of choice. Hiking, rock-climbing, running, cycling, and many other outdoor activities rose in popularity throughout 2020 and this shift towards outdoor fitness will likely stick around.

Whilst it may not be the same type of adventure activities, gym owners can look to incorporate outdoor training into their class schedule. This could be as simple as moving a circuit class outside, incorporating runs around the block into a PT session, or even hosting hiking trips on the weekend for local members!

This might not be feasible for all gym and studio owners, but those who can should consider offering members more variety by switching up their class locations.


Fuel Through Nutrition

Last but not least, we look at the role nutrition will play in the 2021 fitness landscape. Whilst the concept of nutrition and the use of supplements in commonplace within the industry, the way this is incorporated into the offering of fitness businesses is changing.

Previously PT’s and studio owners may give personal advice to members on how they can adjust and supplement their diet to help achieve their fitness goals, but now members want to see a more holistic approach to health and fitness. This means that many gyms and studios are incorporating nutrition classes into their offering, which may include meal plans, recipe advice, and even selling certain products on-site.

This is a great way to provide added value to members and help them adapt their lifestyle beyond just physical movement. Selling products on-site also offers another level of convenience and can act as an addition revenue stream for business owners.