Differentiation: Standing Out In The Fitness Industry

Published by James Scurr on

Differentiation: Standing Out In The Fitness Industry

It is no secret that the fitness industry is booming, with new gyms and fitness studios opening daily, all competing for consumers business, how do gyms compete to win in a crowded market? Differentiation of course! 

Below we have 5 simple tips to help your fitness club stand out:

Members First

Technology is an integral part of our lives, we interact with our devices more and more everyday, so much so that e are experiencing a drop in human interactions.In order to create a more personalised welcoming environment, gyms should aim to adopt a members first focus. This means prioritising the members experiences. Fitness club owners need to create an environment where clients feel really well looked after, and they belong. They should be anticipating the needs of their clients and providing solutions before the client even realises they even have problem. Staff should really get to know them well, addressing them by name, and also offer support and encouragement.


Research shows that feeling a sense of community can contribute to positive mental health. Fitness clubs need to foster a sense of community, a safe place where people can come together to grow being part of an inclusive team environment. When involved in a community, your members are more likely to reach their fitness goals, therefore recommending your gym to others. Some simple ways to grow your community that you could try include inspiring friendly competition amongst members, creating 2 way dialogue, hosting social events and sharing this content online. You could also expand your community by partnering with nearby and local businesses,  offering discounts and special products. By reaching out into your community, sponsoring community events, you are able to both show your community spirit and reach new people.


A physical way you can differentiate yourself is through your branding. Opt for colours and logo styles that are not used by your competitors or not typical of your industry (think loud colours for a Yoga Studio). Your use of language through communication is also another good way to differentiate through branding. You could try a more casual, personalised approach, or a drill sergeant style, whichever is most suited to your brand. Additionally, providing your members with personalised gym merchandise is a really great way of getting your brand out in your community.

Evolving services

Offering standard services will get people in your doors, but evolving and diversifying your services will keep people. A good gym should constantly be upgrading its offerings, up-skilling and training your staff so you can offer the latest in fitness technology and always be one step ahead of the pack. Competitive and customisable memberships are also a really great way of getting more people through your doors. Through evolving your services, you are able to offer more value to your clients, and attract a wider range of new members. 

Target Audience

Oversaturation in a market isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it presents an opportunity for you to find your niche. Start by analysing your competition, looking for any gaps in the market, and target any underserved markets. Many gyms attract similar target markets, so there is potential in untapped markets.