Boutique Fitness Boom and Yoga with Beer?

Published by James Scurr on

Boutique Fitness Boom and Yoga with Beer?

Australia is well known for its beautiful landscapes, interesting wildlife and the active lifestyles our people lead. In the past decade, health consciousness has increased, with more and more people heading along to fitness centres all across the country. One type of fitness in particular is facing rapid growth and is redefining the fitness industry, Boutique fitness.

Boutique Gyms offer specialised services, such as reformer Pilates, and are the fastest growing category in the fitness industry. This is due to the cultural shift led by the largest generation – Millennials, and women, who are seeking more personalised and tangible experiences rather than material things. Boutique gyms have capitalised on this by dominating niche markets.

In 2015, Aaron Smith, owner of KX Pilates predicted a boom in Australia for boutique fitness and has seen this come to fruition, “If someone has a great idea and they package it into a boutique, architecturally designed studio their concept could go crazy”.

One type of fitness that has stood the test of time of time, Yoga, has been around in Australia for many years and is still experiencing growth. Wellness is worth $6 trillion globally and the yoga industry alone generated $12.1 in 2019, so it’s no surprise that yoga studios are popping up on every corner trying to outdo the next. Many new forms and yoga hybrids are being created, we know that Bikram and Hot Yoga have been around for a while, but here are a few new types of yoga that are the newest trends:

Beer Yoga or Drunk Yoga

Australian’s love drinking beer and relaxing, why not combine the two? Beer Yoga involves meditating, focus and stretching for that pint.

Baby Goat Yoga

Creating balance between the yogi and nature. Yoga with baby goats climbing on you, ‘nuff said.

Yoga with Cats

Cats are excellent stretchers and match the atmosphere you’ll experience. Perfect way to bond with your cat while getting a stretch. Many cat rescue centres run these classes.


The practise focuses on gentle stretching, meditation, breathing and doggy cuddles.


Yoga for Bro’s. Creating a safe place for those guys who want to try Yoga.

Aerial Yoga

This combines traditional yoga, pilates and a hammock to allow the yogi to do poses they wouldn’t be able to do on a mat. Also referred to as AntiGravity Yoga.

SUP Yoga

If balancing on one leg isn’t already hard enough on solid ground, you can try your luck on a Stand Up Paddle Board in the middle of the ocean!

Nude Yoga

Do we need to explain this one?