4 Trends Coming To A Gym Near You

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4 Trends Coming To A Gym Near You

There is no doubt that many trends come ago, especially in the health and wellness space. It is nearly impossible for gyms and studios to keep up, and investing in every fad to hit the industry would send owners broke! However, every once in awhile a trend comes around that is here to stay, and would be a valuable addition to any fitness business.


1. Body Scanners

While body scanners are not necessarily new to the industry, their permanent installation in the likes of 24/7 and big box gyms is. Technology is one of the most effective ways for fitness operators to attract and retain clients, and the leaps and bounds that have been made recently in body scanner technology is a major draw card. Providing more insight than your regular scales, body scanners can go as far as to create 3D models of the body to help clients better understand the impact their fitness regime is having. This is the ultimate before and after and is a worthwhile addition to any gym or studio.


2. Cryotherapy

This trend is booming, with cryobooths beings installed in every second gym. Aside from chilling you to the bone, cryotherapy treatments are designed to assist with body shaping, fat cell reduction, muscle recovery and the reduction of inflammation. A short period of 3 minutes in a cryobooth is equivalent to 15 minutes in an old school ice bath. Though an expensive piece of equipment, they are becoming a favorite with consumers and will soon be a staple in mid-high end operations.


3. Mindfulness

As our lives get busier and we struggle to find time for self-care, the practice of mindfulness has had a moment in the spotlight. Many healthcare professionals are encouraging people to find a minute to pause and reflect, or even engage in practices such as meditation or yoga. As a result, gyms and studios have been incorporating more activities in their schedule which provide clients an opportunity to slow down and relax, whilst still getting their bodies moving. For fitness business owners looking to offer more value to their clients, expanding class schedules and creating spaces to partake in mindful activities is a must.


4. Rowing

Walking into your standard gym even two years ago, you would have been hard pressed to find more than 2 or 3 rowers. Today, rowers are having a moment, with fitness professionals going as far as to say rowing is the new spin. There is certainly some truth to this, as we see group rowing classes popping up on every corner due to high demand. Rowing has been promoted as one of the best whole body workouts available, and is very time efficient. If this trend continues, it might be worth upping the number of machines available to your members.


Whilst gym and studio owners certainly can’t embrace every trend that passes through the fitness industry, some will add value to their clients experience help drive up equity in their business. If you are looking to invest in some new equipment to enhance your business, talk with Fitness Finance Australia today how we can make it a reality.


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